HC Audio Conf, the leading provider of business-enhancing information. Our list of products we represent are designed to educate and improve the lives of professionals on a daily basis.

HC Audio Conf is a marketing and information company representing more than 120 print and online publications, teleconferences and audio learning products for in health care, law and litigation and financial services. Our mission is to make a difference in the life of every professional through information.


The HC Audio Conf Vision:
To make a difference in the life of every professional through information.

HC Audio Conf Values:
Adaptability & Flexibility
Accountability & Reliability
Telling the Truth to Employees & Customers

HC Audio Conf prides itself on hiring an exceptionally talented team of employees dedicated to fulfilling our vision. Our staff consists of Editorial, Sales, Marketing, Finance/Accounting, Information Technology and Administrative personnel. As a growing and innovative company, we are always interested in adding to our talented team.

Listed below are positions at HC Audio Conf:
Marketing Personel, Data Entry Specialists, Sales Representatives

HC Audio Conf is a great place to work: flexible, empowering, challenging, collegial, employee-centered, fun. But instead of going on, we'll let you hear what our employees think:

  • We have really great products, and some of the nicest people you can ever meet to work with! I like that I have the flexibility to get the job done my own way. I like the wonderful, helpful, smart employees who cooperate rather than compete, the managers who focus on what people need to get their job done well, and the openness to new ideas and suggestions for a different approach. I love the pride in quality that HC Audio Conf stands for.
  • HC Audio Conf is: Sense of purpose meets sense of humor in a machine driven by real thought.
  • The first quality that I couldn't do without would have to be the dress code. There is nothing in this world that can compare to being able to come to work as the person you are. While the freedom of self-expression can't be forgotten, the wonderful people I work with on a daily basis easily overshadow it. I've never worked at a place where you could walk down to the president's office, chit chat about books, the weekend, or any other subject and still have her treat you like it's the most important conversation of her day.
  • Not many places would allow your personal life to affect your work life and it's one of the qualities I adore about HC Audio Conf. With numerous perks provided for the employees' comfort it's hard not to like working here…Everything from excellent health insurance, guaranteed two parties a month, food perks, gym perks, cool people, free breakfast, awesome dress code, flexible schedules and a comfortable atmosphere all make HC Audio Conf one of the greatest places I've ever had the privilege of working.
  • I enjoy the collegiality, the universal good humor and serious smarts of our co-workers, the atmosphere of trust in relations with my supervisor-types, and the dress code (or lack thereof). Ultimately, I like that we are expected to do well, then trusted to do so--even when you've just started and don't necessarily know all that much.
  • I really really really really really really LOVE being able (and trusted) to work from home.
  • I enjoy the camaraderie shared among everyone. I feel for the first time in my career that we are all on the same page and really working for the greater good of the company by doing our respective jobs the best we know how. I also like the stringent testing process because it means that we can be confident in the abilities of the people around us..
  • I really like the people, the flexibility and the open climate where each employee feels free to contribute and share ideas.
  • What I love is the people here. Sometimes I feel like work equals hanging out with my friends all day. I also like flex time and our vast amounts of PTO.
  • I love the flexible hours and ability to bring my children in if I need to.
  • I like the flexibility. I just don't know of anyone doing the kind of work we do who has the flexibility we do--and because of that it's hard to imagine working for any other for-profit company out there.I appreciate the smart and caring people. I'm proud of the brains and heart that are assembled under this roof, proud to be a part of it.
  • In the time that I've worked here, it's become apparent that HC Audio Conf is a well-run company that makes smart decisions about growth and how we spend our money, and genuinely cares about the well-being of its people. Having worked for everything from non-profits to start-ups to major corporations and seen the mistakes that they've made - often at the expense of the employees - I'm very happy to be somewhere that I know is in it for the long haul, and is making intelligent decisions to guarantee HC Audio Conf will be an excellent place to work for many years to come